Submitting to JAB

Submission Guidelines

JAB welcomes submissions of ideas for articles or artist's pages/projects to be included in JAB. We also accept books for review and announcements of activities of interest to the artists' book community.

Submission of Articles

JAB publishes both commissioned and unsolicited articles. JAB is interested in articles that document current artist book activity through reviews of books, exhibitions, opinion pieces, as well as articles about particular artists, presses, and organizations. JAB is also interested in thematic pieces and examinations of book works that focus on the relation between form and content, including historical examples created prior to the time when the term “artist's book” was in use. JAB recognizes that books are a site in which various media come together, whether it be poetry, photography, design, and/or textual and visual narratives and is interested in articles that examine these intersections.

For unsolicited articles, please send a writing sample (or links to writings available online) and a one or two paragraph description of your proposed article. Finished manuscripts are not necessary. You will be notified as to whether your article idea is of interest for an upcoming issue and to make arrangements for submission of a completed manuscript. Completed articles must then go to the editorial board for review and final acceptance.

Submission of Artist Pages or Projects

JAB publishes artist's pages which can either be a single page or a multiple page spread. JAB also publishes inserts to be included with each issue, either as printed components of the issue or stand alone pieces including small artists books. Send proposals along with a pdf attachment of images or other supporting material.

Submission of Books for Review

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Students, emerging artists, and mature professionals are encouraged to send recent works to be included in a Received and Noted Column. This column will have a special subsection devoted to showcasing student work. A selection of these books will also be photographed and/or given reviews in the New Books Column. Books submitted become a part of the JAB Archive in Chicago. If you would like your book returned, please send an SASE or package. See the Contact Us page for JAB's mailing address.


Annoucements for upcoming conferences, book fairs, exhibitions, and other book-related activities are welcome and will be published in the Annoucements section in the back of the journal.

Letters to the Editor

JAB welcomes comments of all sorts on the art and articles that make up the journal. A selection of letters to the editor will be published in each issue.

Content and Style Guidelines

Once the editorial board has arranged to publish an article, a deadline and approximate word count will be set for the manuscript. Due dates are scheduled to provide sufficient time for possible revisions after editorial board review of the submitted manuscript.

Style and spelling should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Please double-check all dates, titles, spellings of names, etc. mentioned in your article. Citations should take the form of endnotes (not author-date form). If a bibliography is also included, shortened citations should be used in the endnotes.

All articles should be accompanied by a selection of images that illustrate the points made in the article. Images should, whenever possible, display page spreads that are discussed or that convey the essence of the book, rather than just showing the book's cover (unless of course, the cover is particularly revealing). Images should be submitted with an accompanying list of captions and any required permission statements. (See also the Permissions section below).

Please include a short (1-2 sentence) author biography for inclusion at the end of the article. Include institutional affiliation, if relevant, and an indication of your activity within the art or academic fields. Web site links may be included if they provide further context to your work.

Technical Requirements

Articles must be submitted in plain text, Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign format using the following specifications:

  • - Single-spaced, 12pt Arial or Times New Roman font. No styling should be used except what is required to follow Chicago Manual of Style conventions, e.g. italics for titles of books or artwork and indentations for blockquotes.
  • - Name the file using your last name and a shorthand for the article title (e.g. freeman-confreview.doc)

Images must be submitted in JPEG or TIFF format using the following specifications:

  • - Images should be high resolution (at least 300dpi), 24-bit color.
  • - Name image files with your last name followed by a hyphen and then numbered in the order in which they should appear in the article. (e.g. freeman-1.jpg freeman-2.jpg).

Send articles and images as email attachments to


Authors are responsible for ascertaining that they have the right to reproduce any images they submit with an article. Permission for images of materials under copyright must be obtained from the copyright holder (not from the owner of the object being depicted).