JAB41 | Spring 2017

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Felipe Ehrenberg designed the spectacular cover of this issue, appropriately, because the essay by Mila Waldeck published in this issue, “Perfect Unbinding: The Production and Circulation of Beau Geste Press Editions,” offers a detailed history of Beau Geste Press (BGP), founded by Ehrenberg and Martha Hellion. In fact, as Waldeck demonstrates in her essay, David Mayor and Takako Saito were also founding members of the collaborative BGP in 1971. Beau Geste Press produced many landmark artists’ books, including work by Ulises Carrión, Carolee Schneemann, Ken Friedman, Cecilia Vicuña, and many more. One thing that connects BGP with JAB is that both PRODUCE—design, print, distribute—the published work. This hands-on quality contributes immensely to our conceptualization of the book as art.

Unfortunately, Felipe passed away before the cover was printed. He designed the cover in March 2017, and passed away the following May, just as the plates for his cover design were being mounted on the Heidelberg GTO52 for printing.

From left to right: Bernadette Panek, Martha Hellion, & Felipe Ehrenberg at the conference
Perspectivas do Livro de Artista, Escola del Belas Artes da UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2011
Photo: BF

The Books Reviewed section includes reviews of fourteen artists’ books.
I wish there could have been more reviews of the many books sent to JAB,
but lack of time and finding good writers unfortunately limits this activity.

Nine artists’ books are inserted with JAB41. Including artists’ books has been a growing trend with JAB and …

~ Landscapes of the Late Anthropocene by Phil Zimmerman
~ I'm about to read a ‘PHOTO’ book
by Doug Spowart
~ our PHENOMENAL World
by Kevin Riordan
by Alan D. Caesar
by AK Milroy and Brad Freeman
by Charles Long
~ Accoutrement
by Stephen deSantis
~ breathe.
by Levi Sherman

Once again we have included the BONUS publication Trumped-Up Empathy with JAB41. This piece was a collaborative event involving Brad Freeman, AK Milroy, Tim Mosely, and the ever-faithful, mighty, one-color Heidelberg GTO. Conceived and printed before November 8, 2016. Six months into the new U.S. administration, a re-read of this work may provide perspective on the nations’s progression to date, and perhaps help shed some light on its coming trajectory.

JAB41 Table of Contents


JAB41 was offset printed on the Heidelberg GTO52 (ein farben) at the Center for Book, Paper and Print, Columbia College Chicago by Willa Goettling and Ian Kerstetter under the mentorship of Brad Freeman. Goettling and Kerstetter are graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts MFA at Columbia College Chicago. Layout design by BF. The body text is set in Harriet, and the headlines are set in Cholla. The paper is Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Smoooove 28 lb. writing for the text, and 80 lb. for the cover.
Continuing on as our fearless and somewhat enigmatic webmaster is Kathi Beste, with backup doo-wops by her Sunshine Band.

Founder and Editor
Brad Freeman

Advisory Board
Luan Barros
Kathi Beste
Stephen DeSantis
Johanna Drucker
Helen Frederick
Brandon Graham
Debra Parr
Tate Shaw
April Sheridan
Philip Zimmermann

JAB (The Journal of Artists’ Books) is indexed in The H.W. Wilson Company, Art Abstracts, CSA’s ARTbibliographies Modern, and in Bibliography of the History of Art.