JAB33 | Spring 2013

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JAB33: Contents & The Future

Editors note
by Brad Freeman

The images on this issue's inside and outside covers and page 2 visually encapsulate the philosophy and mission of JAB—to creatively demonstrate the attributes of the book and to document current artist book activity. The turning of the page from the front cover to the inside front exemplifies the time-based aspect of the book form—the placement of these images within the recto/verso turning takes place over time—the pages can't be viewed at the same moment—a brief span of time that corresponds to the camera's recording of the actual event—a representation within the actual. We look at her, she looks at us.

She is Jenna Rodriguez, looking closely at halftone dots during the printing of the cover of Isabel Baraona's book that was inserted in JAB32. And our in-house printing also demonstrates the DIY quality of JAB, something the journal has embraced since its inception.

Books Received has been moved up to the beginning of JAB instead of at the end—this is meant to highlight a sampling of the variety of contemporary work that makes its way here, either by artists sending their publications, or through our ongoing collecting. Kate Morgan and Claire Sammons wrote the commentaries for Books Received.

Kate Morgan and Jenna Rodriguez, Offset Print Production Fellows for JAB at CBPA

JAB33 is an eclectic collection of essays and interviews concerning the extensions surrounding the artist book such as installations, public art, and digital media. The interviews with Emily McVarish, Jody Zellen, Janet Zweig, Kyle Schlesinger, Aaron Cohick, and Phil Gallo provide a wide range of approaches to intermedia art. As often happens in JAB, we include a number of international reports, including the Italian printer/bookmaker Alberto Casiraghy of Pulcinoelefante; Natalia Silberleib's essay on her work with Argentine women prisoners;, and Susan Viguer's report on travels with her students to book art destinations in Korea.

ROOM, a combination FLAT Production and JAB Book was conceived by Karol Shewmaker, who was soon joined by Brandon Graham in carrying on the project. A group of writers and artists was invited to spend the afternoon and early evening at a rented room of the O-MI motel—a down-at-the-heels motel in Chicago—after which they would respond with work inspired by that visit.

JAB34 (fall 2013) continues our international reporting with THE POLISH JAB, which includes essays by Polish writers and artists compiled by Maryna Tomaszewska, the publisher of TO! Periodyk Naigorszy (IT! The Worst Magazine Ever).

JAB35 (spring 2014) will consist of two artists' books: one by Isabel Baraona, the Portuguese artist, and the other book by Canadian artist Marlene MacCallum, in collaboration with two writers.

Thanks to our intrepid webmaster Kathi Beste. JAB is indexed in The H.W. Wilson Company, Art Abstracts, CSA’s ARTbibliographies Modern, and in Bibliography of the History of Art.


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JAB33 was offset printed on the Heidelberg GTO 52 (one color) at the Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College Chicago by Brad Freeman, Kate Morgan, Jenna Rodriguez, and Claire Sammons in March, 2013. The film was imageset at CBPA. Design by BF with commentary by Morgan and Sammons. The paper is Mohawk Superfine. The fonts are Stymie and Ehrhardt. Morgan, Rodriguez, and Sammons are Print Production Fellows and graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Arts MFA in Book and Paper at CCC.

Thanks to our intrepid webmaster Kathi Beste. JAB is indexed in The H.W. Wilson Company, Art Abstracts, CSA’s ARTbibliographies Modern, and in Bibliography of the History of Art.