Current Issue: JAB28 Fall 2010


Susie Kirkwood designed JAB28. The typeface includes various versions of Archer including hairline, thin, book, and bold. The outside cover was designed and silkscreen printed by Sonnenzimmer, a Chicago-based art and screen print studio owned and operated by Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher. The cover paper and interior are on Mohawk Superfine Softwhite 80# Cover + 80# text, respectively. The 32-page booket A Little Book Boekie Woekie was designed, printed, hand-bound, and inserted into JAB28 by Kathi Beste, Kaitlin Kostus, and Jordan Knecht. JAB28 was offset printed on the Heidelberg GTO at the Center for Book & Paper Arts.



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Editors note by guest editor April Sheridan

For the split second when I wanted to be a world history major, I was also finding my way through a jumble of graphic design, poetry, women's studies, modern lit, and art history. As I studied one writer, that led to a related artist, an artist led to learning about a movement, a movement to a snapshot of a particular place in time. In this issue of JAB, an examination of distribution networks of artists publications in France leads us to a web of distribution networks across the world
that lead us to portraits of young artists
engaged somehow with bookmaking.
And the cover—the first ever screen
printed one for JAB, designed
by Sonnenzimmer, led to a beautifully
designed interior by Susie Kirkwood.
We hope that you find these things
gathered here are creating a useful
snapshot of this moment in the
history of artists books.

And in this moment, I notice a number of remarkable things occurring—culture shops popping up that are including artfully made books along with music and clothing; a number of people using books in their art; conferences on the future of the book and the future of letterpress. Activity, even peripherally, indicates the cusp of an exciting future. What does this mean for the field of artists books?

The discussion needs to grow as more people recognize the cultural significance of the form and as the academic programs multiply. We need to be writing the history and encouraging the future, and practitioners constitute one group that is well equipped to provide primary commentary on current activity.

How many times have you heard someone say, "Im not a writer, Im an artist"? Some artists fear writing, fear even a basic critical engagement or discourse. They believe that in some way it might remove the pure pleasure they receive from the making. But writing is a way of thinking and thinking is what improves the outcome of our artistic process. Writing is essential to understanding and to connecting us to the rest of the world.

There are many ways that people find themselves in the midst of books that are art. And whatever kind of stew youve emerged from, if youre reading this issue of JAB, youve stumbled across a crucial time in this history. You can't ignore your place in relation to the larger field. Dont just make your objects and release them into the world, write about them and write about other peoples books that interest you so that you can better understand your own process. As we continue to ask questions such as "Is this a book? Is this art? Is this sculpture? And where does the apostrophe go?" make sure they are being asked aloud in some way. However youve gotten here, were glad you came. Now get to work.


JAB28 Table of Contents

  • Cover Design: Sonnenzimmer
  • Letters from the Editors: Brad Freeman and April Sheridan
  • Le livre d’artiste et son articulation à la pratique contemporaine, de 1980 à nos jours/
    The Artists Book & Its Relationship to Contemporary Practices
    Océane Delleaux • translated by Skye Enyeart-Rust
  • Shifting Artist Book Distribution Models:
    bookartbookshop; Boekie Woekie; Printed Matter; Sticky Institute; Golden Age;
    Family; Vamp and Tramp Booksellers, LLC; Central Booking; Ooga Booga;
    Woodland Pattern Book Center; KALEID editions

    Brandon Graham
  • Portrait of the Artists as Young Book-Makers
    Julie Cloutier and Claire Nereim; Printmaker Agata Michalowska;
    Center for Book Technology–Jonathan Krohn; Jon Rafman

  • Books Received: JAB 28
    Maggie Puckett
  • A Little Book of Boekie Woekie
    an artists book by Brad Freeman