JAB26 Fall 2009


Mary Jo Pauly designed and letterpress printed the outside cover of JAB26. The inside cover was offset printed by Brad Freeman. On the back outside cover Pauly describes her ideas, working conditions and methods.

Colophon Info

JAB26 was offset printed on the Heidelberg GTO at the Center for Book & Paper Arts, Columbia College Chicago in November and December, 2009 with numerous interruptions including a trip to Belo Horizonte, Brazil for the Seminário Perspectivas do Livro de Artista at Escola de Bela Artes, UFMG. The text block paper is Mohawk Superfine 28 lb. writing and the cover paper is Mohawk Superfine 80 lb. cover. Amber Hares’s book and Guest was also printed on the GTO with French’s Durotone Newsprint 50 lb. text. April Sheridan’s book Fog Behind the Eye: An Essay on Reading was printed by Clifton Meador and Brad Freeman on the GTO on Mohawk Superfine 28 lb. writing. Brad Freeman designed and printed JAB26 with the help of Offset Printing Assistants Maggie Puckett and Daniel Mellis—graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Arts Book & Paper MFA Program at the Center for Book & Paper Arts. Further information concerning the printing of the cover by Mary Jo Pauly is located on the back cover.



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From the editor:
JAB26 contains the most pages ever published in JAB’s thirteen year history and is an indication of the continuing and rapid expansion of the field of artist books. There are more books being made by artists, more conferences being held, and there is an increase in the amount of substantive essays being written by serious scholars and artists. Seems like I’ve said this before and without being redundant I can confidently state that the growth of the AB World continues to excelerate. In this past year I attended five artist book conferences—four in the US and one in Brazil.

The first ever Pan American artist book conference was held at the Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil November 16–20, 2009. Seminário Perspectivas do Livro de Artista was organized by Amir Cador and Maria do Campo Freitas of the Escola de Bela Artes at UFMG and they have generously given permission for JAB to publish lectures from the conference. JAB29 (spring 2011) will be dedicated to this conference. The lectures will be published in English and Portuguese as well as Spanish if space allows. Two new artists&rsquo books by Martha Hellion and Paulo Bruscky will also be published JAB29. Some of the speakers included Felipe Ehrenberg (“Art and Politics”), Paulo Silveira (“The Critic and the Artist Book”), Martha Hellion (“Gesture and Performance in the Artist Book”), and Bernadette Panek (“The Artist Book and the Museum”). I delivered the inaugural address on “The Contemporary Artist Book” and the lecture “Editioned Artist Books” about my own ABs.

Four of the articles in JAB26 are derived from talks given at the other four conferences in the past year. At the first conference of the College Book Art Association (CBAA), held at the University of Iowa, Sheelagh Bevan read a variation of her essay When a Multiple Becomes a Book: Losing Artists & Photographs at MoMA Library. In February of this year Emily McVarish gave a talk on her new book The Square—published this year by Granary Books—at the second biannual CODEX conference and book fair in Berkeley. Mary Tasillo’s Context is King: The Democratic Multiple in a Digital Age was initially presented at the tenth biannual Pyramid Atlantic conference and book fair in Silver Spring, Maryland. And Johanna Drucker read her paper Book Production of Russian Avant-Garde Books 1912-1916 at the Getty Research Institute’s conference The Book as Such in the Russian Avant-Garde in February.

In a continuation of JAB’s commitment to be a platform for original creative expression two artists’ books are inserted in JAB26—Amber Hares’s Guest (sewn into the center spread) was commissioned specifically for this issue; and April Sheridan’s Fog Behind the Eye (attached to page 52) which was printed as part of the Printers’ Ball held at Columbia College Chicago in July.

Also in these pages, Kyle Schlesinger’s Gutter Crossing: on Emily McVarish takes a close look at the thoughtful and exquisitely wrought letterpress books of McVarish. In their essay The Hybrid Book Experiment Amanda D’Amico and Michelle Wilson summarize the conference and book fair held at the University of the Arts this past June. Access & Closure by Toby Millman and concerning her experiences as an American Jew in Palestinian East Jerusalem is reviewed by Clifton Meador. In another book review Tate Shaw examines the Rice University Press facsimile of Gelett Burgess’s Le Petit Journal des Refusées. And I have written about the works of William Snyder, Antonio Serna, and Sun Young Kang—each an emerging artist using publication arts as a primary medium.

JAB26 Table of Contents

  • Editor's Statement
    Brad Freeman
  • When a Multiple Becomes a Book: Losing Artists & Photographs at MoMA Library
    Sheelagh Bevan
  • Gutter Crossing: on Emily McVarish
    Kyle Schlesinger
  • The Square
    Emily McVarish
  • The Hybrid Book Experiment
    Amanda D’Amico & Michelle Wilson
  • and Guest
    an artist’s book by Amber Hares
  • Context is King: The Democratic Multiple in a Digital Age
    Mary Tasillo
  • Book Review
    Toby Millman: Access & Closure by Clifton Meador
  • Book Production of Russian Avant Garde Books 1912-1916
    Johanna Drucker
  • Let Us Now Reproduce Famous Men & Women, The Mothers & Fathers That Begat Us
    Tate Shaw
  • Emerging Artists & Awards + Received & Noted
    Brad Freeman
  • Fog Behind The Eyes
    a poem in book form by April Sheridan