JAB23 Spring 2008


The cover of JAB23 was designed by Ken Gerleve who took as inspiration the work of early 20th century Russian and Bauhaus designers and added his own unique twist based in part on memories of his grandmother's cooking. Clever touches extend this theme throughout, including references to Sputnik's Laika, the Soviet star, not to mention Rodchenko's poster of Lily Brik which underlies the table of contents spread.

Colophon Info

The Russian-inspired fonts on the JAB23 cover are Red October and Data Trash. The main body of the journal is set in Scala with titles and pull quotes in Scala Sans.

The photopgraphic images in JAB23 have been printed as red/black duotones by way of making explicit the transformational character of the offset printing process.



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In JAB23 Stefan Soltek, Director of the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach, and Martina Weiss have written an essay that concentrates on the children's book Billy by Kate Steinitz who was forced to emigrate from Germany in 1936. The form or style of Billy emanates from the eruption of typographic innovations in European and Russian publications during the 1920s and 1930s which is not surprising because Steinitz had actively participated in the avant-garde art scene of Hanover for many years including a long time collaboration with Kurt Schwitters.

Kyle Schlesinger's "Letterpress in the Mimeo Revolution" presents a little known history of the challenges of publishing new poetry and artwork in the US starting in the 1940s that helped spawn the countercultural movements of the 1960s.

With Norah Lind's wide ranging and extensive essay about Tatana Kellner's Fifty Years of Silence we finally have a close reading of this well known work about her parents' horrifying experience in the Holocaust.

Jae Rossman's "Reading Outside the Lines: Paratextual Analysis and Artists' Books" takes Gerard Genette's theory of investigation of literary texts and applies it to an examination of recent artists' books by John Risseeuw, Beauvais Lyons, John Nolt, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Drew Mattot, Jenni Lukac, and Yara El-Sherbini.

There are also reviews of books by Lisa Olson, Simon Cutts, Sarah Jacobs, Tate Shaw & Andrew Sallee, and Andrea Deszo.

JAB23 Table of Contents

  • Editor's Statement
    Brad Freeman
  • A Train Station For Billy
    Stefan Soltek & Martina Weiss
  • Letterpress in the Mimeo Revolution
    Kyle Schlesinger
  • JAB23 p4-5
    Sample page spread
  • In Memory: An Examination of Tatana Kellner's Paired Artist's Books, Fifty Years of Silence
    Norah Hardin Lind
  • Reading Outside the Lines: Paratextual Analysis and Artists' Books
    Jae Rossman
  • Book Reviews
  • Received and Noted