JAB 22: Fall 2007


The cover of JAB22 was designed and letterpress printed by Elisabeth Long. A riff on the Chicago orientation of the issue, the cover posits JAB as a meat chopper turning words and images into meaty sentences which wrap around to the back cover where they become recursive JAB22 sausages. The inside covers continue the meat-packing theme with a section of an 1895 map of the Chicago Stock Yards.

Colophon Info

The font used on the cover and for headers in the issue is LTC's bold Globe Gothic, designed by Fredric Goudy in 1905 for ATF, a font similar to one used in one of the earliest colored half-tone advertisements - an 1899 ad for the Universal Food Chopper.

The images going into the meat grinder on the cover are a mix of symbolism and serendipity and come from a variety of sources, both printed and lead type. Several of them arrived in a packet of lead cuts from Mary Jo Pauly just as the cover was being designed. In such cases, the type was printed and the proof scanned for incorporation into the polymer plates that were used to print the cover.

Order your copy of JAB22 by contacting jabandbrad@gmail.com.

JAB22 documents the Action/Interaction: Book/Arts conference which was held at Columbia College Chicago in June 2007 and provided a forum for artists and practitioners to discuss how they think about book art. The issue includes an overview of the conference by one of the organizes, responses to the conference by participants, summaries by discussion session leaders, and transcriptions of keynote speeches. (see Table of Contents)

JAB22 inserts

The issue also includes an envelope of inserts containing a CD of recordings of the Action/Interaction: Book/Arts Conference talks and discussion sessions, as well as The Chicago Stock Yards Project, an artists' project (map and book) by Brad Freeman and Elisabeth Long about place and looking and perspective shifts over time. In a continuation of the cover theme, the inserts come packaged as JAB Sausages.

JAB22 Table of Contents

  • Notes on the Way to the Glue Factory
    Brad Freeman
  • Conference Overview
    Elisabeth Long
  • Book Arts and the Desire for Theory
    Matthew Brown
  • Comments
    Richard Minsky
  • In Response
    Barbara Maloutas
  • Shaping a New Critical Discourse for the Field
    Mary Tasillo
  • Exhibiting Artists' Books: Problems and Solutions
    Judith Hoffberg
  • Beyond Artifacts: Book Arts as Practice
    Andrew Eason
  • Book Arts & Mainstream Publication
    Jen Blair
  • Crossing Boundaries: New Conceptions for the Book
    Jonathan Lill
  • Why you don't need to know how to make paper to read a book: Looking at Artists' Books Online
    Phoebe Esmon & Amanda D'Amico
  • Graphic Design & the Book Arts
    Karen Zimmermann
  • Contemporary Art & the Book
    Tango Book Arts: Katie Murken, Lindsey Mears & Katie Baldwin
  • JAB22 p24-25
    Sample page spread
    An Unsentimental Education
    Audrey Niffenegger
  • Provocation: Student Revolution
    Marshall Weber
  • Artists' Books Online
    Johanna Drucker
  • Announcements
  • On the Printing of the JAB Covers by the Side of Bubbly Creek
    Elisabeth Long