JAB 45: Details of the issue and inserts

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  • ARTISTS’ BOOKS included with JAB45
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  • JAB 45 contains EIGHT, yes, count ’em, 8, artists’ books, specially inserted one-by-one, by hand, for your reading pleasure. The images below give only the tiniest fraction of the actual tactile experience of journeying through these gems. If you like what you see, and want to see/touch/fee/absorb/digest more, please use the above order form to have the actual ink-on-paper version sent directly to you, via the U.S Postal Service!! You'll be glad you did.

  • H. Sapiens by Clyde McGill

  • Einstein's Swan: The Professor's Lecture by F. Deschamps

  • THIRTY-SIX VIEWS OF #MTFUJI by Thomas Snowden

  • ink blot bug book by Claire Day

  • Natural Selection or Everything You’ll Never Know by Hazel Grainger

  • william points by Matthew Robertson

  • river mouth (a handbook) by Martin Thomas

  • concerning roundabouts by Conor Wilson