JAB46 | Fall 2019

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The Center for Book and Paper Arts | Anchor Graphics
JAB 46 is a history/homage catalog for two exhibitions at Columbia College Chicago for Anchor Graphics and the The Center for Book and Paper Arts (aka, Columbia College Chicago Center for Book, Paper, and Print), in the fall of 2019. These unique cultural institutions were founded as separate entities by enthusiastic and devoted artists, and later migrated to Columbia College, where they were combined under the college's Interdisciplinary Arts Department. Both studios were devoted to expanding the creation, exhibition, influence, and understanding of printing, etching, silkscreen, photography, poetry, papermaking, book design and construction, writing, calligraphy, typography. They shared a commitment to building community, fostering collaboration, and supporting artists from around the globe. The essays in JAB 46 by Jessica Cochran, David Jones, Brandon Graham, and Melissa Potter provide comprehensive histories of both organizations, and insight into their far-reaching influence in the world of contemporary art.

ABs in JAB46
There are five artist books included with JAB46. As always, the inserted books are an essential part of the issue, and should always remain with the magazine, to be enjoyed in concert.

JAB46 Table of Contents

  • Let’s Do It!
    The Center for Book and Paper Arts: A History
      by Jessica Cochran
  • When Does a Life's Work Begin?
    The History of Anchor Graphics, a Not-for-Profit Fine Art Print Shop

      by David Jones

  • In The Beginning Was the Word, and also
    Image, Production, and an Election

      by Brandon Graham

  • Paper Connections:
    An Essay on Hand Papermaking Collaboration at the Center for Book & Paper,
    with Interviews with Laura Anderson Barbata and Luis Romero

      by Melissa Potter

  • Some Great Photos of Print Production Fellows printing JAB,
    & Other Stuff JAB-Related

      by Brad Freeman
  • Five Artists’ Books included with JAB46:
    Combination Atlas Map of Will County — Mirjana Ursulesku
    Orison — Mary Clare Butler & Alexander Moysaenko
    VERSUS — Brandon Graham & Brad Freeman
    Notes on Breadth / Notes on Longing — Willa Goettling
    Grime on the Stove Top — Selena Ingram

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    JAB46 was offset printed on the CCCCBPP Heidelberg GTO by Print Production Fellows and BF. The paper is Mohawk Superfine throughout.

    ► Not to beat a dead horse, but please be advised again that the inserted artists’ books are a critical part of JAB46, and should never be separated from the issue.
    Keep them safe and snug in their lovely envelopes that are attached to the inside and outside of the JAB46 cover, removing them only when you, dear reader,
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    ► The saddle-stitch binding for the individual books was done at Union Book Bindery in Chicago (thank you CeCe!). The hand-collating and assembly of inserted artists’ books was done at CBPA by print production fellows, loving members of the greater Anchor Graphics and CCCBPP community, and BF.

    ► Thanks to Duncan MacKenzie, Chair, Columbia College Chicago Department of
    Art & Art History, for suggesting this history/homage catalog, and for his continued support of JAB’s mission.

    Founder and Editor
    Brad Freeman

    Advisory Board
    Kathi Beste
    Johanna Drucker
    Helen Frederick
    Brandon Graham
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    Philip Zimmermann

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